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1. exclamation that implies pity; from the hebrew word 'nebach' meaning 'shame, pity'

2. description of a person needing or garnering sympathy
1. Look at that nerd, nebs!

2. He is such a nebs that it is hard to get mad at him.
by EO January 28, 2005
When you are in charge of a playlist for a large group and an extremely embarrassing or terrible song comes on the mix, making you the subject of scorn.
"Matt set a dope 90's playlist in the office today, but ran to a meeting just before "My Heart Will Go On" came on, so he didn't even have to face the music."
by Eo July 17, 2014
1. Term of endearment, A combination of 2 such horrible words that the bad cancels out and it can only mean 'love'

2. Can be rhymed with any word thereafter to heighten the affection
1. "Hello bitchass lovey love"

2. "Shut your bitchass witchass"
by EO January 26, 2005
cat, feline domesticus, derived from a combination of the words 'wittle kittle'

can also be used as 'wiblet', a shortened form
"Look at that cute wibble, I want to squeeze it."

"I didn't know you had two wibbles!"

"That stupid wiblet got hair on my black sweater"
by EO January 26, 2005
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