/verb/. - the state of becoming emotionally overwhelmed--often followed by a silence because the individual is unable to find the words to speak properly
Wendy wibbled, a chill running the length of her body, temporarily immobilizing her from doing anything, even speaking.
by Lysyrna August 07, 2004
Top Definition
The act of being so overcome with emotion that
1. The eyebrows come together and curve up at the inside.
2. The eyes become big and childlike
3. The lips and sometimes the chin shake.
Number three is what actually constitutes wibbling.
Sarah: Please come to the dance with me, Billy!
Billy: Uh...I dunno...
Billy: Oh, Sarah! Of course I will!
Both: *luff*
by ~Kirk~ November 29, 2005
The word used by Rowan Atkinson in "blackadder goes forth" to denote a state of insanity. I the scene he puts pencils up his nose and repeats "wibble wibble" in order to get sent home from the trenches.
George: "What is your name?"
Blackadder: "Wibble."
George: "What is 2 plus 2?"
Blackadder: "Wibble, Wibble."
Blackadder, trying to prove he is mad, in his bunker, with underpants on his head and a pendil up each nostril
by nevyn April 30, 2007
That feeling of heavenly, drowsy, euphoria that follows sex with a person. Usually consisting of happy exhaustion and a desire to cuddle the person one has just made love to, usually lasting the twenty to thirty minutes required for the male to recover from the last lovemaking to be ready to perform again. Usually happening when two people are in a continuing relationship, or to virgins, or younger teens.

After making love three or four times in a session wibbling may include a component of lethargy ending in sleep.

This seldom happens during one night stands.
Dick would usually wibble during extended love making sessions with Jane, but not with Alice or Carol. (He was married to Jane.)
by The Pediatric Gynocologist November 22, 2013
The feeling you get after smoking a Bogie/ Cigarette/ Stogie/
"Yo I got the wibbles."
"Word I'm wibblin'."
by ja gaines December 27, 2009
The act of making one's lower lip shake when pouting, for greater effect.
You hurt my feelings! :wibble:
by otakuhoshi December 10, 2005
A harmless lout who, although he lives in a backwater, aspires to be thought of as a metrosexual sophisticate; a backward rube who affects urbane erudition; a rustic dandy.
Don thought he was clever when he used French phrases, such as "Quelle fromage!", but his friends all knew he was a wibbles
by Thomas McAdam December 02, 2003
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