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famous line by Captain Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp] from the Disney 2003 summer blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Sparrow asks this rahter rhetorical question to Miss Elizabeth Swann Keira Knightley] when she starts burning all the rum to make a signal for the British Navy so that she and Sparrow could be rescued.
a: What do you think the most memorable line of the year is?
b: 'Why is the rum gone?' by Captain Jack Sparrow of course!
by alperthereal February 10, 2004
1) A question used when one wants to know why the rum has gone
2) A very funny line used by Johnny Depp in the most recent pirates of the carribean when he plays Jack Sparrow.
Johnny Depp says "why is the rum gone?" then falls over.
by Roisin Siobhan July 25, 2006
1: Because it is a vile drink that turns even the most respectable men into complete scoundrels.

2: Because that signal is over a thousand feet high. The entire royal navy is out looking for me, do you think there is even the slightest chance they won't see it?

2003: Elizabeth Swann "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl"

See Also: But why is the rum gone?
But... why is the rum gone??
by Foxinatomy July 18, 2012
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