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You spelt it wrong.

See Pirates of the Caribbean.
Great, you memorized the movie. Now work on learning how to spell Caribbean.
by Saiyara January 03, 2004
Finally, here we have one of the very few Disney movies that don't suck ass. The movie is filled with action-packed scenes, blood, dead people, and almost none of that fruity faggot crap you typically find in a Disney movie.
I will buy Pirates of the Carribean when it finally comes out on video or DVD.
by AYB August 31, 2003
A wonderful movie starring Orlando Bloom (w00+! my sex god ^ ~), Johnny Depp (the awesomest actor), Geoffrey Rush, and Keira Knightley (he's mine, back off! ^ ^) in a wonderful action/romance/slight horror/comedy movie that deserves far better reviews than it got. It's an amazing movie, about as good as LOTR and that's saying something.
I have seen it six times and have it pretty much memorized
by Satori Minamino September 12, 2003
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