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a genius, hard-working, persevering person who can manage time efficiently; knows how to balance important aspects of life; strives to live life to the fullest.
Be great, be Irving.
You are being Irving again, and that's cool.
by Lawr3nc3 April 15, 2008
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The exact definition can be handsome or fair but has also known to be green or fresh water. it has gaelic origins. a person named irving is typically a really rad fuckin person or a complete tool. usually the first choice though. for example if there is two irvings at a party one of them is probably the shit while the other one is a fag. an irving is usually ambitious, determined, fair, very charismatic, and just an all around good person. but beware of imitators.
"man last night i was getting throwed at this frat party and there was two irvings. how weird, but one of them was the shit and the other one was a shit head."
by red raider January 12, 2009
A chill, dope, and good looking soccer player who has swag and is always in a good mood and and likes to put smiles in peoples faces, and he always has something to say.
Irving makes me smile all the time hes to funny
by kidWHOslapsMACMILLER September 26, 2011
Completley and utterly awesome. Without a doubt one of the best friends someone could find. Also good at football and drinking. Best prom date ever, no one else can even compare. Women are drawn to him.
A known synonym of rediculously cool babe magnet. =p
Also, widely known as superior to a brendan.
I wish i had an Irving for a friend, my friends arent cool at all.

I wish I had an irving, im just stuck with this lame brendan.
by litttlegirl September 28, 2010
Irving,Texas Is A Place With Over 500,000 People With A Lot
Of Gang Bangers And Hookas And Pimps Pimpettes.
Jimmy:Where Are You For Summer Johnny?
Johnny:Irving Bitch! Only Fo'Tha Hos And The Hookas
And Pimpettes.
Jimmy:Cool I'll Go To I Hate Fuckin'L.A
Johnny:Yeah Fuck These Fuckin' Paris Hilton Motha Fuckin'
Lovin Bi-yaches.
by Christopher Barrows July 18, 2006
Irving is a dude who is attractive & charming..He is fun to be around also is known to be a man hoe.He is always horny!!! He is never only talking to one girl.He knows how to make a girl feel loved, until she wakes up and sees how much of a dumb bitch he is.He lies all the time.He thinks he is always better than everyone.
Emily-Sofia dont text back he is just a horny man hoe!
Sofia-*text him back*
Irving-*asking for a picture of her naked*
Emily-Told you!!!*shaking her head*
by IThoughtItWasReal304 February 02, 2014
A man typically of jewish decent who is a complete walkover to his wife and basically has no backbone. He's your basically "Yes Dear" types who doesnt stand up for himself and draw lines with a demanding and bossy wife.

This is typical of non-jewish males preferably white who marry jewish women and who are pushovers. This is what typically describes men who are whipped by their wives and don't have the balls to stand up to her without an arguement.
Alex does not seem to have the balls to stand up to his bossy and control freak of wife and his friends said "Al should be called 'Irving' since he can't stand up to his wife and be a man without his balls in a vice grip"
by Queenbee7519 September 02, 2009

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