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North American brand of a painkiller whose active ingredient is acetaminophen (AKA paracetamol outside North America).

Don't take more than the recommended dose of this stuff (or of any other paracetamol/acetaminophen based painkillers). Overdose can cause liver failure, a fairly unpleasant way to die.

There are tales of people overdosing on tylenol/paracetamol pills one evening, and waking up the next morning feeling sheepish... they go about their business as normal, then later that afternoon start to feel really ill, get rushed to hospital and die shortly afterwards because their liver is knackered.
You really do *not* want to overdose on Tylenol/paracetamol. Trust me on this one.
by Durban Ictionary April 15, 2007
a headache that will most likely require the OTC drug of the same name
"All that talkin' is gon' give me a tylenol.." - Kanye West "Celebration"
by Greg B. October 18, 2005
A cough medicine, which in large doses, can cause a feeling of high. Due to the ingredient Cocomide.
Shut up and point me to the direction of your tylenol closet.
by Little_Chris October 19, 2004
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