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A challenge, issued by one whore to another. It usually involves a public display of whore-ish skills or other related whore-isms.
Paris Hilton: "I challenge you to a whore-off!"
Mr. Slave: "You're on!"
Random Guy: "Whore-off!"
by punkbass_20x6 March 30, 2006
92 12
a Whore off is a competition to see how many people you can snog bbefore the other person, the person with the most snogs is the biggest whoe and wins the compitiion
"wanna whore off?"

2 hours later

"how many people?"
"60 u?"

"you win ¬¬"
by shamonneeeeeeeeeeeee February 07, 2010
5 1
A competition in which two whores who take it in turns to perform sexual and often disgisting acts for a crowd to determine who is the bigger whore.
Jeff: "I'm a bigger whore than you! I've had sex with ten people at the same time!"
Jean: "I've done it with four goats!!!!"
By-Stander: "WHORE-OFF!!!!"
by Harry Manwhore April 07, 2006
12 32