Spoken otomatopeia that indicates when something has gone over the listener's head.
A: This movie is so gay!
B: There are no homosexuals in this movie.
A: Whoosh!
by D. Arse December 15, 2005
Top Definition
Single word exclamation, accompanied by a gesture where the hand is swept palm down over the head from front to back with about three inches clearance.

Indicates that the joke just told was too sophisticated for the listener and has gone "way over their head".

Sometimes comes to mind when reading feedback on Urban Dictionary quality control.
2. paris

Capital of North Africa.

j'en ai marre
Source: fnjlas, Jun 20, 2004

A user said this should be deleted: Factually incorrect and the example is not even in English."

by CougarSW2 November 14, 2004
(n.) the sound of something flying by very quickly, deadlines for instance.

(v.) to pass by very rapidly.
"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound as they fly by."
- Douglas Adams.

A snowball whooshed past my face, missing by an infinitesmal distance; I let out my battle cry that woke up the whole neighborhood.
by papermachete October 27, 2005
A word used to describe something complicated, confusing, or indescribable.
Person 1: Hey, what was the movie like last night?
Person 2: It was really good.
Person 1: Really?
Person 2: Yeah, except for this one part. It was kind of like whoosh.
Person 1: Oh, I see.
by Chica_Chica February 16, 2006
Way of saying goodbye. Created from the phrase "I'm out like a jet. Whoosh."
person a: i have to go
person b: k. whoosh.
by me January 26, 2004
pot smoking
Time to go whoosh up these dros.
by a55 1d m4n August 07, 2003
Sound, or descriptive word of an affect, also sometimes said as a *sigh almost as though a day is washing over you.
Been a looooooong day, *whoosh
by livinlifeX2 October 23, 2012

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