What you call a guy's hair that falls all sexy in their face so that when they flip it it seems like there should be a "whoosh" noise.
Girl 2: I KNOW! It was all like WHOOSH! *makes a flippy motion*
by xxxCoinedITxxx December 22, 2009
Noun. An exclamation of subtle surprise.
Jessie: Why did brandon and Keisha breakup?

Thomas: You know she cheated on him like 3 times right? Turns out the rrason she was over at his house so much was because she was banging his roommate.

Jessie: whoosh I didn't even know that dude.

Thomas: crazy thing is, his roommate was a chick!

Jessie: Whoosh, that's crazy.
by YoungLyrical December 03, 2009
Used when no other word can describe a situation; to the extremes of anything.
That rollercoaster ride was insane...like whoosh man.
by Keanerpants May 09, 2009
Whoosh is the term to describe an enthusiastic swishing sound, often used when one is talking about something totally unbelievable that perhaps may have zoomed past unbelievably fast, both in a literal or figurative sense.
"So, like, there was this thing, and it was so fast, man, it was like WHOOSH and then bam! It was gone!"


"I dunno, man, I'm totally out of it today. I mean, today somebody was talking to me and everything they said just kept whooshing past me, y'know? Just like whoosh, and stuff."
by Steph May 25, 2004
A word used to describe something that is attractive.

A varying number of 'o's can be used in the word for emphasis.
Those are some whoosh jeans!
He was looking whooooooooooooooosh today!!
by Harkham March 21, 2007
Rochester High School's Cross Country teams "Quote"

Whoosh it on the gun.
by Mike October 28, 2004
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