A term used to describe something indescribable, weird, raunchy, or confusing.
A: Was the movie good last night?
B: Yeah, it was.
A: Really?
B: Yeah, except for this one part, it was kinda whoosh. Ya know?
A: Yeah, I get it.
by Chica_Chica February 22, 2006
A word used to describe something complicated, confusing, or indescribable.
Person 1: Hey, what was the movie like last night?
Person 2: It was really good.
Person 1: Really?
Person 2: Yeah, except for this one part. It was kind of like whoosh.
Person 1: Oh, I see.
by Chica_Chica February 16, 2006
pot smoking
Time to go whoosh up these dros.
by a55 1d m4n August 07, 2003
Whoosh is the term to describe an enthusiastic swishing sound, often used when one is talking about something totally unbelievable that perhaps may have zoomed past unbelievably fast, both in a literal or figurative sense.
"So, like, there was this thing, and it was so fast, man, it was like WHOOSH and then bam! It was gone!"


"I dunno, man, I'm totally out of it today. I mean, today somebody was talking to me and everything they said just kept whooshing past me, y'know? Just like whoosh, and stuff."
by Steph May 25, 2004
A word used to describe something that is attractive.

A varying number of 'o's can be used in the word for emphasis.
Those are some whoosh jeans!
He was looking whooooooooooooooosh today!!
by Harkham March 21, 2007
Rochester High School's Cross Country teams "Quote"

Whoosh it on the gun.
by Mike October 28, 2004

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