Noun. An exclamation of subtle surprise.
Jessie: Why did brandon and Keisha breakup?

Thomas: You know she cheated on him like 3 times right? Turns out the rrason she was over at his house so much was because she was banging his roommate.

Jessie: whoosh I didn't even know that dude.

Thomas: crazy thing is, his roommate was a chick!

Jessie: Whoosh, that's crazy.
by YoungLyrical December 03, 2009
Pronouced woozh.
To exessively show off or put oneself above another by claiming a superior title, accomplishment, or attribute. Derived from the sound a swinging dick would make.
Whoosher in the act of whooshing: "Hey everybody, I'm going to Vegas on business. It's gonna be a rough couple days of meetings."
Whooshee: Whoosh!
by na001 April 14, 2009
1. something that is quick, swift, etc...
2. very fast
The cat went whoosh
He was all like, whoosh

by olivepip January 07, 2009
To whoosh; to engage in extreme inappropriate behavior so obscene it cannot be described by the traditional English vocabulary. Alcohol is typically a precursor to the act of "Whooshing".
"Whoa, Matt what happened to you last night?"

"Uh, left Taylors, Whooshed all over a sorority with Mike for about an hour, Whooshed by my girlfriends house, Whooshed all over her, then whooshed home. Yeah, I was Whooshin' last night."
by Bizzaro LOD February 07, 2008
Everything. Whatever may come into existence. What might become of your life. What your neighbor is wearing.
"Today has been full of whoosh."
by MelindaGalindaLaFonda January 18, 2008
The word girls used to let their friends know they have there period and there is blood coming out of there body.
WHOOSH WHOOSH its coming out!!
by blahhhblahhhh May 02, 2007
A term used to describe something indescribable, weird, raunchy, or confusing.
A: Was the movie good last night?
B: Yeah, it was.
A: Really?
B: Yeah, except for this one part, it was kinda whoosh. Ya know?
A: Yeah, I get it.
by Chica_Chica February 22, 2006

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