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A way of saying and spelling "whore"
That girl is such a whoar; she'll have sex with anyone for a little cash.
by Cameh13 March 11, 2011
Originally coined during a Counter-strike game, when it was decided that a word was need to describe the complete jerkiness one can exhibit when running one's own server.
Examples of whoarishness include mapping someone's fire key to exit, and also making everyone spin counterclockwise while firing all weapons. Particularly whoarish is turning gravity insanely high just as someone is walking down an incline, so as to simulate a 100-foot fall. The proper explanation to the player is of course, "heart attack".
by Rage from October 05, 2004
n. 1. person who dont beleive CoWMaN and like to act retarded.
2. person who could lighten up and learn how to spell words the uber way.
3. see. whore
Some person whois'ed me, therefore they are a whoar.
by Winchestar May 07, 2003
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