an exclimation when something unthinkable has just happened.

i.e. you run out of milk, found out you have v.d.
oh shit, WHO SHOT JOHN!?! i'm out of milk son!
by daveyg November 26, 2004
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When you ask someone if they know
who did a certain thing, and they
give you answer that you know is
b.s. (bull shit)
Don't come in here with that who
shot john b.s.
by Victor November 29, 2004
Its a phase used to describe someone who is looking grimey or not their best.
Going out, look'n like who shot john?
by Chanel R June 29, 2005
Southern for same old thing
As in same old who-shot-john
by bill T February 25, 2005
Meaning "I don't know what".
Girl, you better comb your hair! I don't want you to go out of this house looking like who shot john.
by NJones July 07, 2005
illict liquor, moonshine(prohibition)
His ancestor was put in prison for selling who shot john.
by Light Joker December 12, 2004
Used by John Wayne in his last film that featured a young Ron Howard to describe another gunslinger's actions after he had a drink/got drunk. He used the term "who shot John" to describe the whiskey. It was in the scene where he was teaching Ron Howard how to shoot a pistol.
"You never know what he might do once he gets enough of that "who shot John" in him, Pilgrum!
by dirty November 24, 2004
I dunno, but I do know that the government had him killed. He was getting ready to pull American troops out of Vietnam, and all the warmongers in Washington couldn't take it or let it happen, so they eliminated him. It was all just a big conspiracy...
Who shot john? The government did, that's who!
by Billy Bob Bolivar November 24, 2004

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