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Belonging to the class of bland, clean-cut, middle-of-the-road suburbanite breeders. The Cleavers from the old TV show "Leave It To Beaver" are a familiar archetype of whitebread culture. Compare to yuppie.

The term implies profound cultural naïvete, blind consumerism, and an unquestioning "follower" mindset. Common trappings of the whitebread lifestyle include golf, Kenny G and Enya CDs, SUVs, an irrational fixation on lawn care, Golden Retrievers, nominally Christian religious beliefs, Old Navy clothing, moderate to conservative political views, bad Chardonnay, equally bad espresso, cookie-cutter houses, Bath & Body Works hygiene products, and very white-collar employment.

Though whitebread individuals are usually white, the term is not necessarily racial in meaning - the implication lies more with the blandness, predictability, and banality of plain white bread. Accordingly, "wonderbread" is often used as a synonym.
I'll bet the amount of money that whitebread neighborhood spends on lawn fertilizer could feed a small African nation.
by Greenie March 24, 2004
One of the worst racial insults ever. Now callin these white boys cracka-ass crackas is one thing, but who got lazy and called them "white bread"?

It's just the race with a food at the end
"Whats up white bread?"
"Not much, black beans"
"Fuck you, white bread!"
"Fuck you, asian chicken platter!"
Plain, tasteless, boring, lame. Just like white bread!
-She's nothing special, just a typical white bread bitch.
-All the guys in the halfpipe are pulling the same white bread tricks as last year
by Derek February 08, 2004
it's not a bad thing just a little boring for that person. you take no real risks in life. you are afraid to upset ppl. you like to be agreeable even when you don't agree, to the point that you stop expressing your true self. you aren't 100% sure what you want but are kinda afraid to just go out and experiment until you make enough huge mistakes and hit rock bottom.. just to learn
That boy is white bread!
by Emo Gurl January 03, 2006
adj./n.- A person that is so indoctrinated that they cannot function normally in an urban society. A person who holds true to the "cracker" stereotypical characteristics.
That guy is so White-bread, he doesn't even know what a bj is.
by White-bread April 14, 2009
Trashy, Cheap, Not good for you.
"OMG Becky look at that chick, She is soooo white bread..."
by Mz-Emolishus February 03, 2009
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