An anglo-saxon individual of Polish descent who lives in a trailer park with dirt roads.
Hey Pedro, that white trash lookin mother fucker just stole my burrito.
by Hambone the Rhino May 20, 2010
Someone that was born and raised in Lyon County Kentucky, lives in a trailer or doublewide and drives a bmw, corvette or kit car.

Someone whos car is more valuable than his house, rides a four-wheeler with a racing pipe through neighborhoods without a thought of whether he is disturbing the peace or not.

Some mullet-head or shaved headed redneck that claims to be a rebel and flies a confederate flag outside his shitty r.v. that he lives in with his atv parked in the yard.
Ron lives in cedar hill r.v. park, what a white trash piece of lyon county shit.

Fat ass rednecks on atv's are the biggest white trash of all.

mackenzie is a shitstain, white trash fuck.
by captainculo May 11, 2008
1. Caucasians who constantly believe their "way of life", religion, etc. is under attack by "lazy, no-good niggers" while collecting welfare and foodstamps

2. Any ignorant, stupid, bigotted caucasian who believes they are better or somehow more clever than others
1. Wal-Mart is a mecca for those of the "white trash" persuasion.

2. How did that "white trash" make it into the White House?
by BC in OP July 31, 2005
Any member of the Valley Swim Club in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, its CEO or board members.
A white trash person who will hurt innocent children's feelings simply because they are a different culture than themselves.
by Tristen2 July 26, 2009
Usually the one loud, annoying neighbor. If you have two or more, move immediately. One is bad enough.

White trash are defined by their self-absorbed, loud, annoying ways. They are shit birds through and through.
Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and your shit bird, white trash neighbor.
by Manatee345 January 12, 2008
cassie-pale skin, nasty teeth,doesnt wash her vagina, has sex with anyone who is willing to give it.
white trash is A girl who wheres spandix to school everyday with sweatshirts with muliple piercings on her face. Lies about being pregnant. puts make-up on with a butter nife. Dies her hair white and black at the same time. steals people stuff. lies about everything. lives in an apartment that smells like ham and has a sun shade on the front porch. Smokes cigarretts just cause she thinks its cool. she doesnt even inhale.Fakes being drunk to make out with girls.she doesnt brush her teeth.
by TheJew December 31, 2007
Residents living between california and new york in rural areas and usually live in trailer parks, low income, like to hunt, most importantly are deeply religious in anything their neighbors are deeply religious with and vote for George W. Bush. More than likely dumb as a stump. Also carry many knives even when not hunting....and a flashlight.
George W. Bush is the epitome of white trash that somehow cheated his way through an ivy league school and thanks to his father achieved presidential status.
by Robobobobob September 06, 2006
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