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An American individual that refuses to be humble despite their own poor economic and educational condition. They might also refuse to be humble and understanding of less developed countries/races/brains.

They LOVE to brag about shit that people of their same race have done, but with all the ignorance they usually have, the farthest they can ever aspire to be is a NASCAR driver if they are lucky enough to have white trash parents who won the lottery
An example of white trash being ignorant might be the way in which they disregard all the good other races and countries have brought to the making of their wonderful country in which they take no positive part of.
by White mexican November 15, 2011
n. an alcoholic drink comprised of vodka and Mountain Dew.
Bartender: What'll it be today, Jim?
Jim: I'm felling like a "White Trash".
Bartender: One "White Trash", coming up!
by darkflamethrower July 24, 2008
My stupid racist neighbors.

A bunch of fuck-offs who sit around and watch nascar (asscar) when it's on.

Majority of people in fenelton pennsylvania.
"and the cars go around again, and again, and again, and someone wrecked and died (thousands of white trash assholes mourn"
by Undie Bundie September 23, 2007
Basically, most of the caucasian population of Michigan.
"Let's move to Michigan. We can pretend we're Kid Rock or Eminem, let 19 year olds father children with 11 year olds, and be white trash."
by Lazarus Ciccone July 01, 2007
Yeah Bob Seger rocks... but when everyone gets out of bed to dance with their cousin,it's time to smoke another one or hot wire one of the Chevy's in the front yard.
Did you say whitetrash? "I'll kick your ass!"
by O. Savant September 05, 2003
White trash smoke cigarettes, drink beer out of the can in fold-out chairs in their garages or their overgrown yards and mow their lawns wearing either bikini tops or wife beaters. Their front porch has a seat from a van on it. They dream of vacationing in Las Vegas and spend their pocket money on lottery tickets. They have a side or back yard filled with old cars and crap and multiple mangy-looking dogs. Their women chomp on gum and have three kids by the time they're 20.
Bubba stood up slowly and scratched his white trash belly through his stained and yellowed wifebeater. "Woman," he bellowed, "git me another beer! You can finish the lawn after my nap!!"
by JoolsR June 14, 2007
a person who is poor, not black, well somtimes black, a hillbilly, makes out with family members, has sex with family memebers, marrys family memers, or is a hill billy
What the fuck you white-trash you ate my cat!
by ?? February 01, 2003