A brave and loving, caring, awesome, paranoid person.
Dustin, stop adding words because the other dustin definitions are true.

Dustin: They are not true, people are stealing my name and giving me bad rep.
by Entangled March 11, 2009
The sweetest guy you will ever meet. Is deep and really cares for people. Very loving and always honest. Also... the best boyfriend ever!
I luv dustin.
by Ilovemybfdustin May 29, 2010
A Dustin is normally a very good looking boy, he smokes alot of weed and is a drinker a boy who never goes to school but chooses to get a job instead . Normally a slow walker and a very quiet talker on the phone.
Girl : Look at him he's such a dustin !

teacher : He never comes to school he's such a dustin !
by hollywood23 February 08, 2009
A sweet, caring, handsome, brave, strong, modest guy that is imedetly everyones friend and lights up the room when he walks in it and had a battle (with cancer) when he was young that he fought with all the courage in him to win. Very couragous young man with alot of will and the possiblity to do anything.
in memory of a close friend, dustin
by darksunshine February 03, 2010
A smart, kick-ass dude whose brilliance and good looks puts others to shame.

Dustin has many references in both movies and songs:

In the beginning of Kung Fu Panda, the quote "There's no charge for awesomeness, or attractiveness" directly refers to a Dustin. In the song, "Another One Bites the Dust" the songwriter implies that many have attempted to best a Dustin, but they all will & have failed to do so. In the song "Dustin-the-Wind" the songwriter clearly refers to everyone desiring for the chance to be just one speck of the greatness we refer to as Dustin.
Who is that wiked awesome man? Clearly he is a Dustin.
Just the shear thought of a Dustin makes me want to bate.
"Why haven't you gotten a raise?" "Because I work with a Dustin."
by R2DW February 05, 2010
The master of sarcasm; owns it.
Wow that girl Tia thinks she's Dustin or something, weird.
by Tia Chen July 27, 2010
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