When a partner ejaculates into a condom and then sticks it up the partners rectum
The boy gave his boyfriend a White Tail
by sgsizkool April 27, 2010
Top Definition
A term used to describe a female who has her white thong very visible. Term taken from a white tail deer.
Whoa, check out that white tail over there.
by Almighty_AL May 04, 2006
Term used in the aircraft manufacturing industry to describe built, but unsold, aircraft.

Aircraft ordered and paid for by an airline are painted in the company's livery before delivery. Unsold aircraft are painted all white while waiting on a company to buy them.
In the early days of Airbus, they had several white tail A-300's on the ramp at Toulouse until Pan Am bought them.
by OneAJFA1988 August 30, 2010
A reference to a northern NY, very good looking white female.
I can't wait to go chase some whitetail this weekend.

1 month till i get to go home and chase my whitetail around the house.
by Big Whyte October 04, 2010
The strand of semen that drips from a girls anus after anal sex.
Brandon: Did you end up having butt sex with Emily?

Garrett: Yeah. It was surprisingly clean. But she got the biggest White Tail I've ever seen.
by VoodooSoup May 26, 2011
Term used to describe a white/caucasian chic, mostly from males of another race.
Jamal: I heard you was tapping on that whitetail over there.

Kobe: Naw man she's too white for me... okay so i hit it so what.

Jamal: That's just wrong!... You think she'll let me get some?
by hog333 November 16, 2006
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