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5 definitions by VoodooSoup

The level of awesomeness it takes to kill a man. The most common example of this can be seen in Tobuscus' Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Literal Trailer on Youtube. The event in which Deadly Awesome is reached, Ezio Auditore walks through a crowd and kills a guard "with his awesome".
Guard says "Stop!" just kill him with your awesome. (This is an example of when Deadly Awesome has been reached)
by VoodooSoup December 19, 2010
A form of a trick question or rhetorical question said in the form of a statement.
Mariah: "I'm smarter than I look."

Lucas: "Is that a trick statement?"
by VoodooSoup January 15, 2011
The officialized retitling of the day Sunday during football season.
Jeff: "Dude, I'm so pumped for football season!"

Jaxon: "Hell yeah, I'm ready to be sitting on my couch every single Manday this season."
by VoodooSoup December 16, 2010
The act of wrapping semi-cooked bacon around your penis and having a partner suck it off.
Garret: "Dude, Sara gave me a Filipino Bacon Wrap last night. It was so awesome."

Spencer: "Nice, what kind of bacon was it?"

Garret: "Canadian cock bacon."
by VoodooSoup December 16, 2010
The strand of semen that drips from a girls anus after anal sex.
Brandon: Did you end up having butt sex with Emily?

Garrett: Yeah. It was surprisingly clean. But she got the biggest White Tail I've ever seen.
by VoodooSoup May 26, 2011