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The act of taking illegal drugs or alcohol in attempt to alleviate anxiety, stress, or certain mental disorders (ie. schizophrenia & bipolar).
I'll tell you what, this job has me so stressed out that I am going home to self medicate with some hard booze.
by Almighty_AL April 19, 2005
A term used for a person who has a very easy job who usually doesn't have to work hard. In most cases, the person also makes good money at doing very little.
Janitor: Hey, Easy Money. How are you tonight?
Engineer: Just slavin' for Da Man. How are you?
Janitor: Another day in paradise.

by Almighty_AL May 04, 2006
When you dookie in a sock and proceed to beat someone with it.
In the military when someone screwed up they hold a blanket party. In that case they put a bar of soap in a sock and repeatedly beat the person with it while holding them down in the bunk with their blanket. This is the same but instead of using a bar of soap, you use dookie/poop.
by Almighty_AL March 29, 2004
A term used to describe a female who has her white thong very visible. Term taken from a white tail deer.
Whoa, check out that white tail over there.
by Almighty_AL May 04, 2006
A term used to describe a female who has her black thong very visible. Term taken from a black tail deer.
Whoa, checkout that black tail over there.
by Almighty_AL May 04, 2006
Unreasonable downsizing that may achieve the payroll reduction objectives but cripples or destroys the organization in the process by losing critical knowledge and skills. businessdictionary.com

Although the place I worked had more projects then people, I was affected through their dumbsizing.
by Almighty_AL February 18, 2009
The blacks of New Orleans from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina who looted non-essential items. ie. TVs, stereos, etc.
Look at that wet black on TV. stealing all that bling bling.
by Almighty_AL October 25, 2005
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