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A question word that means 'at what time.'
When did I fall asleep?
by Redtail September 11, 2014
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An interrogative word to determine time.
When did you find that goat?
by bill December 15, 2002
1. Conditional, based upon time, event, or circumstances.

2. Slang, specific to junk mail advertising lotteries and sweepstakes to persuade as many duh-weebs as possible who haven't even entered a sweepstakes that they have already won: "if".
1. When you finish your chores, you may play; when it's dark, come inside.

2. You are guaranteed to win at least $250,000 when you return the winning number to us. (The fact that the recipient does not have the winning number, so he may as well go fly a kite, is not expressed.)
by Downstrike October 17, 2004
1) Question preceeding referring to time.
2) Expressed by classy people as an alternative to 'stop', particularly when involving amounts of drink or food.
1) John: I resolved to be less of a tit.
Amazing guy: When are you going to start?
John: Fuck do I know
2) Mindy: How many sugars?
Gremlin: I don't know
Mindy: Then you better say when...
by Josh Turnbull June 29, 2005
An obscure, yet highly influential Norwiegien band which has been around for the last 25 years. All instruments and compositions are done by Lars Pedersen. The music ranges from new wave to black ambient to prog and is highly synthesizer based. Since, he is only one man the music at times sounds very electronic(not techno). Every album he's done sounds very good, and alot of it sounds very Beach Boys inspired(Lobster Boys) or avant garde(Black Death used cello noise). Part of "Death in the Blue Lake" was used on the Satyricon album "Dark Medieval Times"...For Black metallers and hipsters alike.

The albums include:
Drowning but Learning(1983-87)
Death in the Blue Lake(1987)
Black, White, and Grey(1990)
The Black Death/Svartduan(1992)
Prefab Wreckage(1994)
Psychadelic Waunderbaum(1999)
The Lobster Boys(2001)
Pearl Harvest(2003)
Acid Land(2007)

Lars Pedersen of WHEN is the man, despite being so old...What is he 50 now?
by Aoecean December 02, 2006

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