Rather rude (Aesopian) indicator for a person of Negroid extraction. Comes from the joke: Why is it that wheelbarrows were invented in Africa? Answer: They were used to teach the natives to walk on their hind legs before being shipped to the Americas.
The room was filled with crackers and wheelbarrows. Or: watch out for that wheelbarrow, he looks like a tripod.
by Marek Deschi April 24, 2008
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the wheelbarrow position consists of of intercourse standing up against a wall. The man holes the woman's legs apart, like a wheelbarrow, as she leans against the wall, while he thrusts inside of her. This position allows for easier G-spot stimulation.
Man, the wheelbarrow position is hard ot maintain, but I'm finally able to make my girlfriend climax!
by himynameisjohnny September 22, 2005
Sexual position where the man holds the girls legs up to waist height, while she balences on her hand, then he proceeds to have sex with her whilst walking around the room.
by My May 21, 2003
Wheeling someone secretly, without the knowledge of the whole public...
shhh its a secret, they're more like wheelbarrowing
by oopsthereitis June 12, 2011
21st century symbol of Western Communism;
modern version of Hammer and Sickle representing Communism
I saw a posting for a lost wheelbarrow tacked to a telephone pole in Old Louisville. The phone number to contact about supposedly returning the wheelbarrow went directly to the Communist Party Headquarters.
by onelinebanditakabobbyfischer July 21, 2010
A sexual position that originates from the Standing Dog position. The top dog then raises the bottom dog's hind legs. The bottom dog is required to balance themselves on their hands. The Wheelbarrow is also the fourth step of Cave Canem. It precedes the Hoover Maneuver and follows Doggystyle.
That girl from last Friday asked for the Wheelbarrow. I've never had that happen before.
by Warmpain May 01, 2010
A trusted male friend who is tasked with ensuring a girl's safety when out clubbing, including getting her home safely.

The wheelbarrow shall be required to defend her from any unwanted male attention, and to take her home should she get too drunk. On the way home he may be required to piggyback her, carry her up stairs, hold her hair while she vomits, and tuck her safely into bed.
Girl A: "What time are you leaving?"
Girl B: "When my wheelbarrow goes home I'm out."
by richard_d January 04, 2008

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