1) small usually single-wheeled vehicle that is used for carrying small loads and is fitted with handles at the rear by which it can be pushed and guided

2) A finishing move so powerful its been so often referred to the US Shock and Awe Campaign, where the motive is to nullify or imbolize your opponent
All I wanna do is Bang Bang Bang
by Foug March 24, 2003
A trusted male friend who is tasked with ensuring a girl's safety when out clubbing, including getting her home safely.

The wheelbarrow shall be required to defend her from any unwanted male attention, and to take her home should she get too drunk. On the way home he may be required to piggyback her, carry her up stairs, hold her hair while she vomits, and tuck her safely into bed.
Girl A: "What time are you leaving?"
Girl B: "When my wheelbarrow goes home I'm out."
by richard_d January 04, 2008
a hot or sexy girl, who you would like to fuck in a wheelbarrow.
used so the wheelbarrow doesnt know what you are talking about, and neither will anybody else.

this term will hopefully catch on.
"man, she is such a wheelbarrow"
by jimmyjimmythewheelbarrowman April 01, 2008
A wheelbarrow is when you take a dump on your girlfriend's back, you slip it in her butt, pick up her legs and make her walk on her hands.
"Dude last night was so messed up, she wanted me to give her a wheelbarrow, and we did it all over the dorm"
by The Wheel Barrow December 21, 2008

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