Slang for for weed. Usually used when in the company of non-smokers. Allows said stoners to plan up coming events with out causing suspicion.
Stoner: Hey are we hangin out?
Pothead: Yeah do you want to have wheat thins?
stoner: Of course make sure you have a bowl.
by peek-A-boo123456789 August 25, 2008
Top Definition
A baked cracker who tastes SO good it could make your soul leave your body just so it could become a wheat thin.
Did you hear Wheat Thins can cure CANCER?!
My g/f and I love Wheat Thins, because thats how we met.
Cause of death, Wheat Thins, do you concur Dr. Hyde? I concur.
by fuuon September 29, 2005
baked snack crackers. these things are so good. deliciously baked, lightly sweet and nutty wheat taste.
wheat thins are good
by i<3chris July 03, 2005
A Whole wheat snack made by heat compressing pure wheat into little flakes and salt is added to make it super delicious.
I love my wheat thins packaged with a hieroglyphics tshirt.
by Not Harvey April 27, 2007
a hot beezy who is thin and everyone wants to grind her
ay check that wheat thin out

by skim69 August 08, 2009
the best snack ever!!!!!!!! never waste them. jeuin iz the only person (maybe he's not a person) who duznt like them. DIE!!!!
I ate wheat thins the whole day! and i got undepressed.
by SRL September 26, 2004
a code word (phrase) pertaining to getting some. as in sexy time or even as simple as making out. can be used if you want to get someone alone when you are in a group of friends or just random people. lulz. go on have fun with it.
to potential lover-"hey, im going to go get some wheat thins upstairs. wanna join me ______?"

to significant other-"man those wheat thins last night were so good."

to friend-"hey did ya get some wheat thins last night?"
by shyddy December 05, 2011
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