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The most annoying thing that your girlfriend can say.
"Hey would you like to get dinner, see a movie, then perhaps go back to my place?"

by thatguy21 March 25, 2006
The polite way of saying fuck you.
him: why dont you do this....

me: yea ok, whatever
by pinkbritty February 23, 2010
A phrase used by slackers to indicate complete apathy. A dire warning concerning the future of America.
Teacher: Who was Plato?
Slacker: Mickey Mouse's dog.
Teacher: No, he was a Greek philosopher.
Slacker: Whatever.
by Bumkicker Slade April 30, 2005
Whatever really means Fuck you.
Someone: I hate you
You: Whatever (Fuck you)
by Faith April 20, 2005
Either an idiot's response to an intellectual's question, or an intellectual's response to an idiot's question.
Intellectual: Why did you ask him if the car included a car?
Idiot: Whatever.

Idiot: Was the Sun created by God or what???
Intellectual: Whatever...
by Seamo March 28, 2008
automatically wins any argument
"you think your so smart, well let me tell you something, blablablhablahblllbllblblbllblbahblahblahblah. get a life etc."

your reply: whatever moron.
by an anonymous source November 23, 2003
What stupid american teenage girls say to annoy their fathers and everyone else.
E.g. 'so yeah and he said, and i was like: what- everrrrrrrrr!'
by zimo August 15, 2004