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1. A medical professional deployed on the battlefield to heal wounded soldiers

2. One of the words which can be used in place of or conjunction with Call in an air strike
by gaselite August 14, 2003
aka Whateva or wateva. Used often like a full stop/period at the end of a sentence. Often used to change subject, express annoyance or dismiss an arguement or person.
"3AM round the corner wearin' my leather, some dude comes up, he's like, 'hey, punk!', I'm like 'yeah, whatever!'"
by gaselite June 18, 2003
an internet term similar to 'lollercoaster' or 'lollerskates', used when one wants to emphasise a particularly funny comment or joke.

belgian pronounced normally
rofls pronounced like waffles
<loser> Why did the chicken cross the road?
<loser> To get to the other side!
<someguywithnolife> belgianrofls!
by gaselite June 10, 2004
The war cry shouted when someone is shitting their pants uncontrollably whilst inebriated
Mawson: "Oh god, I'm crapping my pants! Call in an airstrike!"
by gaselite August 14, 2003
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