An expression used, (mostly by the African American race), when answering a call, message, or any other type of communication.
Ring! Ring!
"What it do?"
"Nuthin' man, jus chillin'"
#synonyms: what's up? #how's it going? #how's it hangin? #what are you doing? #hello
by Michael Sabiyos November 02, 2005
Top Definition
whats up or whats tha deal
"what it do? its paul wilken fly like a pelcan inside my skin i got versace skeleton" Paul Wall

mike:what it do
john:whats up
by babygurl October 20, 2003
what's crackin, what's the deal, what's up - made popular in Oakland,CA
1: What it do folks?
2: Nothin
by that dozen April 30, 2005
when u say whats up originated in the yay area,the bay
"what it do" keak the sneak, thats my word
#whats up #whats crakin #whats the deal #what da deal mayne #what it does
by nikhil aka alabondad December 05, 2005
"What It DO" is a term coined in The Bay Area (Oakland) CA by Oak native Keak Da Sneak Aka "Z-Kush" (also known for creatin' the term Hyphy). The Term was used to asked a Dude at a side show, what his muscle car could do? i.e Doughnuts Fishtale...ect!!! The term was later loosely used throughout the Bay Area as a term to ask a homie how he's doing. (What's up?, What's Crackin'?, What's good? What it is?...ect) Keak Coined this term before Paul wall's wack A** was even in the Rap Game! Houston Bit "What it do" from The Bay and tried to run with it and call it their own! Much like how the rest of Bay Area Slang is pirated! Slang Capitol USA is Da Bay! Frisco, Oaktown, V-Town, Sac-Town, San Jo, Da Rich... Ya'll can Borrow But GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE!!!
Original Meaning:
Ace: Dope scrapper Cutty, What It Do?
Smiley: Doughnuts Homie!
Ace: Do da danm thang then Pimpin', fo' them Penelopies come!

Later term:
Ace: Yo "What It Do" Homes?
Sleepy: Nothin' Homie, Just kickin' it!
#side shows #doughnuts #oaktown #bay area #fishtale #burnout. not huston!!!
by Frisco Kid! April 11, 2009
(one word) a greeting; to ask how one is doing, has been doing or plans to be doing.
Damn!! Shorty, I ain't seen you in a minute. Whatitdo, baby?
#greeting #ask #plans #doing #one
by Italy Jones September 23, 2005
a form of greeting to other peers, transformed from the gretting what it do
what it does cuz whats up
made popular by famous rapper Rick Ross
#what it do #whats up #whats hannenin #what's good #what's poppin #what's crackalatin #what's crackin
by Trae Von Wynn July 27, 2006
to say what's up to, or ask what ones day was like
Holp Up Cuz! Whatitdo nigga!
by Jennifer K.(BusH HiGH) November 10, 2002
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