to question the goings on in the mind of a person that is in an act of sheer ignorance.

to greet a person informally, usually a friend or person of close relation.
Guy 1: The back of yo head look ridiculous!

Ay WHATITDO?! its been a while my boy.
by CompCrashr January 17, 2010
The phrase "What it do" is colloquial speech for the English expressions "How are you doing today" or "Hello, what is going on?" It is also used as a rhetorical question, often clarifying, or re-emphasizing what was just acknowledged. This practice of language is often used by African Americans, or Hispanics.
"Yo dawg, what it do?"
by cha'j December 04, 2006
should result in a mob or scrapper doce'n, (OAKLAND and spreading). Turned in to a more casual greeting in bay area neighborhoods (3100, CRESTSIDE, HP, FILLMOE, THE SWAMP, LV, ETC.). Used by bay artist like Mac Dre, Mac Mall, Keak, Bailey, FAB, Etc. And appearantly borrowed by rappers from Houston, in much tha same way Snoop Doggy Dog borrows the Bay's 'izlle (ex. off the heezie fa shezzie).
"YO WHAT IT DO?" - how much doce'n can that box do?
"Whud it do do mayne? " hey whats up (in the bay)
"What it Do" - not so sure what they would use it for in Houston, maybe screw and flip tracks
by sunshine in the 'sco June 28, 2006
Real Talk. What it do is country slang used in the south for decades by many older african americans. Made popular in Houston by its underground rap scene in the mid 90's(for you bay area folks who think yall made that word up, that's southern slang that dates back before e-40's birth.) It is used as a greeting and even a question. (People in the bay area say they use it to ask about something. Ex. As you're looking at someones ride you're like what it do? It drive's you dummy, there's in slang in that question, just inproper english. I must say that they sound dumb using it too.
"What's the deal?"
"I don't know you tell me what it do?"
by lc23 July 27, 2006
whatit do is used in the BAY AREA dont get that wrong yadadameen what it do means whats up what it do came out in the bay area and went to houston so who ever thinks that what it do came from houston it didnt it came from the bay the bay been sayin what it do for the longest yadadameen and thats on citas
1.what it do cuzzz?
2.Nothing just chiilin in the yay area yadadameen?
1.yeah fa sho play boy
by Shadimond June 13, 2006
"hey(hi) how are you?"
What it do Bruh(brother)? <<<<-wh/isn't your relative,3ut a friend/associate
by GrapeASU March 06, 2006
Made popular in Houston! not the bay.

Big HAWK had a song on an old DJ Screw tape called "WHat it do" way befoer keak tha sneak new what rap was.

means whassup
also "Whut it Dew"
"What it do baby"
"fa sho"
by ZCouZ May 28, 2006

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