real talk started in the bay not meanig wats up or anything it means what your car can do. it means what it do like if you can swing em then lets see what it do
that's a clean mustang boy, what it do
by mike from the bay May 01, 2006
E-40 said it's what you say when you pull up to an old muscle what you got under the hood...what it do!
just listen to grit and grind.....and quit taken 40's words...everyone else
by ogrock August 26, 2005
A term that originated in the mid 90's Sideshow culture in Oakland, CA (Bay Area). Challenging someones high performance vehicle in an exhibition of speed. ie. burnouts, donuts, figure 8's, racing.

Paul Wall and Mike Jones were not around hip hop during this time era.
What it DO mayne? Swang IT!
by mobb June 04, 2006
What's up, what's going on, etc.
"yo matt, what it do?"


"what it do, kim? ain't seen you lately."
by dani April 20, 2005
Derrty South Way of saying "Hello, or greetings". Used by Houston Texas Rappers such as Lil Flip And Paul wall.
"Yo my main nigga, what it do?"

"Nuthin, just smokin a blunt the size of a 4 by 4"
by CavZzZ March 02, 2006
The call when you want somebody to do a doughnut
familiar to people residing in oakland and most of the bay area
by bootsy collins April 13, 2003
Made popular in Texas,"What It Dew" Is a liric in a Lil'Flip song off his album "What It Dew".
Meaning Whats Up,How are you,whats goin on?,or What Cha Doin?
1:"What It Do Pimp?
2:Nothin much just chillin.
by Ashley and Demetria Clark December 29, 2005
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