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"hey(hi) how are you?"
What it do Bruh(brother)? <<<<-wh/isn't your relative,3ut a friend/associate
by GrapeASU March 06, 2006
whats the damn deal
bob: hey
bob:what it do
by me February 17, 2003
1. An obvious typo.
2. A nonsensical combination of words that is somehow understood as both a statement and a question.
1. Person A (on email or phone): "What it do"
Person B: "?"
Person A: "Sorry, I meant 'what did it do?'"

2. Retard: "WHAT IT DO"
by mcblind November 25, 2010
Contrary to what just about all ya'll on here believe, it's when you see ya homie and you make a call out for him to make a doughnut. NO it doesn't mean What's crackin and NO it ain't from houston. ya'll hear it in just about every paul walls song cause that's what's wrong with all you fools. the yay is the capitol of slang and ya'll be bittin'. most slang ya'll hear in rap music was bitten off the YAY.
you see ya homie in his 64 impala at the intersection.

you holla "Hey homie what it do" and he goes stupid. bustin' doughnuts.
by Frisco Don June 06, 2006
What it do was NOT made in Ca it was used down south in Houston Texas an surrounding area's in TEXAS by rappers like paul wall chamillonair mike jones an lil flip
What it do
Chillin mayne
by TxHardHitta March 22, 2006
E-40 said it's what you say when you pull up to an old muscle car....like what you got under the hood...what it do!
just listen to grit and grind.....and quit taken 40's words...everyone else
by ogrock August 26, 2005
real talk started in the bay not meanig wats up or anything it means what your car can do. it means what it do like if you can swing em then lets see what it do
that's a clean mustang boy, what it do
by mike from the bay May 01, 2006