*Well, while you playa's from "Texas and California" are battling amongst ya selves for the rights to a word that in the "Milwaukee" area (Drunk-City) "The Scrillah Millah" means something different all together!
In Milwaukee, if you ask another guy "What it do?"
You will become a victim of a HATE crime!
"What it do?" (in Milwaukee) Means to ask a chick (while in player conversation) What does your pussy do for my dick...or can you fuck?...That is the meaning of "What it do?" in the BREW...
Playa conversating to a chick.

Playa: What is do baby? What's good 2nite?
Chick: It do what it do...Boss!...I got that flame pussy with a kung-fu grip that will spill them kids on a nano!
by Marko Schmidt November 16, 2006
"what it do" means whats up used
mostly by people from houston,tx.
What it do its paul wall im the peoples
by slimthugbabysmama January 26, 2005
"Hey man, whats going on?" (in black people talk)
Malik: What it do, Terrance?

Tywon: Nothing, want to get some lunch?

Malik: Fo sho. I'll bring a blunt over.

Tywon: Holla.
by JimbyTimby May 21, 2006
The phrase that Paul Wall invented meaning whatsup, whats goin on and stuff like that
Hey dude what it do? ahh nuthin much same shit diffrent day
by Calvin October 26, 2006
"What It DO" is a term coined in The Bay Area (Oakland) CA by Oak native Keak Da Sneak Aka "Z-Kush" (also known for creatin' the term Hyphy). The Term was used to asked a Dude at a side show, what his muscle car could do? i.e Doughnuts Fishtale...ect!!! The term was later loosely used throughout the Bay Area as a term to ask a homie how he's doing. (What's up?, What's Crackin'?, What's good? What it is?...ect) Keak Coined this term before Paul wall's wack A** was even in the Rap Game! Houston Bit "What it do" from The Bay and tried to run with it and call it their own! Much like how the rest of Bay Area Slang is pirated! Slang Capitol USA is Da Bay! Frisco, Oaktown, V-Town, Sac-Town, San Jo, Da Rich... Ya'll can Borrow But GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE!!!
Original Meaning:
Ace: Yo Cutty, What It Do?
Smiley: Doughnuts Homie!

Later term:
Ace: Yo "What It Do" Homes?
Sleepy: Nothin' Homie, Just kickin' it!
by Frisco Kid! March 20, 2009
An expression used, (mostly by the African American race), when answering a call, message, or any other type of communication.
Ring! Ring!
"What it do?"
"Nuthin' man, jus chillin'"
by Michael Sabiyos November 02, 2005
A friend with benefits or person to have sex with but not a relationship with. Commonly spoken in Columbus Ohio and surrounding areas
"Yeah... John is my What It Do"

"I think im find a What It Do tonight"
by KristinaLanay August 19, 2008

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