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A competetition whereby two or more people go out with the purpose of sleeping with the fattest possible members of the opposite sex. The one with the highest weight total wins and multiple copulations count towards the total value.
Des Moines, Iowa is a great spot for whaling. Me and bob went out and I bagged a 350 pounder!
by Sean S. December 09, 2003
when a man uses his weiner as a harpoon to impale an obese woman
John's into whaling these days, looks for targets at Weight Watchers meetings.
by DJAD May 09, 2007
The act of having sex with a fat girl who's fanny flaps resemble the tail fin of a diving humpback whale.
"I don't understand why the Japanese like whaling so much. Have they got no taste?"
by Jack Jismouth August 01, 2009
To go to a bar and try to hook up with fat girls
My roomate loves to go whaling on the weekends
by tc123892 July 27, 2009
Whereas sharking involves picking on one group of people to try and get with, whaling just involves opening ones mouth and letting anyone (or anything) go in.
#1: Mate, he gave up sharking ages ago he just opened his mouth and let that fat chick come on in.
#2: That's what whaling is for!
by the.personator June 10, 2010
Getting rid of the whales in a group of girls to increase your chances of scoring with one of the more pleasing girls in the group.
Usually achieved by filling the whale/s with enough booze to cause passing out, or by handing them a McDonalds coupon for a value meal down the street.
Hot girls always have whale friends at the club so me and the guys went whaling and cleared them out so we could get with the babes
by Zac47 May 04, 2010
Whaling is when you go out looking to get some from a fat chick, ya know, more cushion for the pushin'.
Hommie #1-"Bro, I love me some fat chicks, I think I'm gonna go whaling."
Hommie #2-"Bro, your sick! I didn't bring my beer goggles."
by IronLungz April 08, 2015
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