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Having doggy style sex with a fat girl. Upon ejaculation, the male shall be referred to as Captain Ahab, and whichever one tells the story with more dignity shall be called Ishmael.
Greg: Dude I heard you banged a fat girl last night
Craig: Yeah dude, not one of my better nights
Greg: What position were y'all in
Craig: Doggy
Greg: Dude you have to stop doing the humpback whale
Craig: I also finished
Greg: Way to go Captain Ahab. Let me know if you see Ishmael again.
by Phil Bob February 17, 2014
a gay whale
a homosexual whale
a sir mix-alot whale
a whale who's keepin it on the 'down low'
a whale that humps 'back' as opposed to one that humps 'front' - etc
person 1: "Oh man dem whales are faggots".
person 2: "yeah,them's some humpback whales".
person 3: "yeah them whales hump ass"
person 4: "damn homos"
by ~tilde man~ September 08, 2005