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In Britain, used to refer to the labia majora of the female vagina. Otherwise known as the vaginal "lips".

Can be used as a derogatory term, in the same way that cunt, dick, asshole would be used.
That chick has huge fanny flaps.

I'd like to wrap my fanny flaps around that guy's cock.

Shutup fanny flaps.
by Dave March 05, 2003
193 93
slopy wet cunt
your mother has a wet cunt
by wayn king June 04, 2003
77 52
Pussy Lips in da Fanjeeta
Ur Mum Has Nice Fanny Flaps
by Ben Wilce May 04, 2005
27 5
the flap of a fanny
can be used as an insult.
"Jess is a proper fannyflap"
"God, Jess has uge fanny flaps"
by IanInsanity October 07, 2008
4 6
creamy red hole
my girl
by Anonymous July 10, 2003
28 35
nasty word
your mother is a fanny flap
by bitch ho November 09, 2003
51 64