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texting while walking
He cannot walk straight because of his wexting addiction.
by billahong May 24, 2010
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The action of walking and texting, as in typing a message on a cell phone, at the same time.
While bicycling down the sidewalk, I almost ran over a young man who stepped out in front of me while he was wexting. Wexting is a dangerous habit.
by Reteeka September 02, 2010
Making a girl wet via texting.
Jack was wexting me so much last night I had to put my phone in a bowl of rice.
by Jack I September 08, 2013
To send picture text message of ones "wenis" or "wagina"
Bob got in trouble for Wexting by sending a text picture of his wenis to every one at school!!
by jrturbo October 13, 2010

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