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Slang for a female hard on. A guy gets wood, a girl gets wet.
He is so hot. He totally gives me a wettie.
by Buckstar September 09, 2010
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Term used to describe an attractive female that implies there is likely some moisture in her panties, thus making her all the more attractive.
Check out that wettie over there by the jukebox. I bet she shags like a champ.
by BL Johnson July 11, 2006
Short-hand for wetback. Used to insult mexicans.
Check out those construction workers. They're all wetties.
by sloppyjugs August 15, 2009
decription of someone as 'wet' as in feable, retarded etc. common insult.
'omg, you're such a wettie'
by Babe123 February 20, 2009
Liquid used in a stoner circle. Can be bong water, thirst quenchers or alcoholic beverages.
*cough* Dude, can you please pass me the wettie, i just took a monster hit!
by Wes Store June 16, 2007

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