chopped up mint leaves soaked in formaldehyde/embalming fluid often containing pcp sold in jars with different colored Philadelphia, it's called "wet" or "wiggles"...other slang names are "illy" or "fry"
I'm about to jar up a bundle of wet... I'm just waiting for the chop to drain.
by Jay Jerk July 11, 2004
breast; boobs; big chest
yo look at ma's wets
by Tausha October 05, 2003
Walking Erectile Tissue. Synonymous withe being a dick.
My brother, Joel is WET. He's like the biggest dick I know.
by Blenderhead1991 May 14, 2011
when a girl vagina is lubricated and ready , happens when horny
wow, i'm so wet after seeing taylor lautner! see horny
by Darling Jester February 01, 2010
gangsta slang terminolgy for shooting somebody with a firearm. blood spillage causes clothes to become wet.
you just won the wet t-shirt contest muthafucka!! - Ice Cube
by iceveiled August 01, 2005
A slang term for PCP or sherm. It is smoked by dipping a cigarette, joint, or blunt into a jar of the chemical sustance.
"Where dat nigga baby hubcap at?"

"Aww he went down to Watts PJs to get a couple sticks a dat wet cuzz!"
by Dr. Todd Reezee January 28, 2009
Still drippin wet, brand spankin' new, super fresh, saucy
Damn nigga dem jordans is wet!
by This_Boy_Go December 03, 2008
Off the chain. Beast-mode.
Adonis: Bluh, you see that movie Friday?
Adarius: Ya bud, that shit was wet!


Kobe Bryant scoring like like 84 points. That's wet.
by Adonte May 10, 2008

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