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A famous sandwich originating from Alpha Delta in New Haven, CT. On face value it's a buffalo chicken sub with lettuce and tomato, melted cheese, mayonnaise, and doused with hot sauce, but it's actually SO much more. See the article, "Wenzel ’04: The athlete, the legend, the sandwich" in the Yale Daily News. Some consider it mandatory to have at least one per week, preferably towards the end of nights of drinking and debauchery.
Example 1:

Awesome college dude (ACD) #1: Tonight's going to be epic.
ACD #2: Wenzels later?
ACD #1: That goes without saying.

Example 2:

ACD #1: I think tonight should end with a wenzel.
ACD #2: Clearly we're on the same page.
by wenzelguy June 17, 2009
The act of exposing and bringing to justice an internet scammer.
I am going to wenzel you.
e.g. I am going to uncover who you are and where you are. Then I am going to reach out and wipe that smirk off your face, get my money back, and make sure you never are able to screw anyone else again.

The scammer was wenzeled by the folks at Pirate4x4.

The scammer is referred to as the wenzelee.
His identity was revealed and he was brought to justice by the wenzeler.
by noah@wenzeled November 15, 2005
A rare German name ;

A very special and pretty guy with a distinctive face and beautiful eyes ; very friendly, funny, cute, charming, lovely and smart;

He's a good and caring friend and he loves sports, France and dancing on house party's or going on house party's anyway ;
He is pretty mature for his age and it's always nice to spend time with him

Everybody Loves Wenzel
Happy Birthday Wenzel
by Himinameisbambi January 28, 2014
To have the entire internet seek justice for your wrongdoing.
I totally scammed this guy for an ipod, but when I woke up today, all my accounts were banned, my computer was full of horse porn, and there is 15 thousand spoons stuck in my front lawn!

I totally got wenzelled
by fantyx June 07, 2006
Verb-The act of Wenzeling is to, promptly after ejaculating in or around a girls mouth to slap her across the face with the semi flaccid penis. Please not that a fully erect penis, or a non erect penis will work for this maneuver, however, best results are obtained when a semi flaccid penis is used.
Last night, after the blow job, I Wenzeled her so hard I broke her jaw.
by wenz007 February 02, 2009
Someone whose common knowledge of geography is so inept, that they look completely moronic.
By saying he had been to all 57 states, President Obama looked like a complete Wenzel
by DeTeR44 May 26, 2011
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