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A famous sandwich originating from Alpha Delta in New Haven, CT. On face value it's a buffalo chicken sub with lettuce and tomato, melted cheese, mayonnaise, and doused with hot sauce, but it's actually SO much more. See the article, "Wenzel ’04: The athlete, the legend, the sandwich" in the Yale Daily News. Some consider it mandatory to have at least one per week, preferably towards the end of nights of drinking and debauchery.
Example 1:

Awesome college dude (ACD) #1: Tonight's going to be epic.
ACD #2: Wenzels later?
ACD #1: That goes without saying.

Example 2:

ACD #1: I think tonight should end with a wenzel.
ACD #2: Clearly we're on the same page.
by wenzelguy June 17, 2009

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