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The median, to residents of New Orleans.
The flood waters were so high on St. Charles Ave., I had to park on the neutral ground.

My friend's riding on a float in Rex, float 15, neutral ground side.
by OlMetry November 14, 2004
New Orleans slang for what most cities call the "median" --the little strip of ground in the middle of the road.
Legend has it that the neutral ground got its name from early New Orleans when the French and Spanish could do business between sections of the city standing on the "neutral ground."
#new orleans #nola #louisiana #median #no
by cajunchick April 04, 2010
Neutral Grounds is where LeonHart and GodsSon engaged in an epic battle of retardation.
GodsSon: Lets do this proper, on neutral grounds. this is serious business.
LeonHart: Sure, bring your crackwhore mother.
#proper #chelsea #neutral #grounds #crackwhore
by LeonHart May 29, 2008
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