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yes.........'lardarse' is a derogatory term used to describe fat people who, as we all know, eat copius amounts of lard in order to achieve their portly status and the word' moderation' means nothing to them. Oh yeah and they think cheap tracksuits disguise this and they always insist they eat like 'birds'. Big giant fat birds maybe.
'jeepers! you are a complete lardarse! stop eating cake!!!'
by sharonmoore September 14, 2006
meaning roughly what the fuck are you talking about/doing? usually when interacting with mentalists who generally have no idea what they are doing, and come up with mad notions and ideas i.e 'lets jump out of a plane with no parachutes!'
friend ' hey lets go and get our clits pierced!'
me 'what???'
friend 'yeah be good fun!'
me 'whats the matter with you?'
me ' are you high????'
by sharonmoore September 14, 2006
english term for extremely drunk
'bloody hell i got so wellied last night i made love to a letterbox!'
by sharonmoore September 14, 2006
an unwashed arse with remnants of poo, fluff and dust. extremely unpleasant, unhygenic and smelly.
'jesus wept! you've got a savoury arse! go and have a shower you pleb'
by sharonmoore September 14, 2006
where do i start? hm.....'crap bastard' is a derogatory term used to describe the most lame and pathetic individuals. especially those trying to be 'cool' and making a total tit out of themselves. also those who let others down in a big way and have no social skills.
friend' i couldnt find that site on the internet'
me 'oh you crap bastard'
friend' i tried'
me' not hard enough you utterly crap bastard'
by sharonmoore September 14, 2006
brain - dead fuckwit , usually male, who drinks copious amounts of that fine lager-beer stella. gets twatted and either starts a fight or shags the local bint.
stella fella 'you startin?'
me 'oh fuck off stella fella you brain dead arsewipe'
stella fella 'are u the local bint?'
me' oh go and have another pint for fucks sake'
by sharonmoore September 14, 2006
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