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(origin un-known) a word or sound, usu. used in northern parts of england, usu to mean yes. Or, is often used to show indignance, usu. wil an 'aw' sound before it.
1) "are we going to the beach today?" "wellaye"
2)"hey, you, you're an idiot!" (see twollop) "aw, wellaye!"
by Sadie May 06, 2005
"no" or "as if" or "yh right"
man 1: you will never guess who i saw down the pub the other night... david beckham.

man 2: well aye
by geordie gal September 13, 2009
Synonym of chav, used in the North East of England.
Shit, It's the Amble wellayes!
by Wilsaa July 24, 2011
hartlepool term for why aye!
comin down the pub?
well aye!
by ste January 06, 2005