Something male UGA students aren't since they go to a majority female institution!
These UGA prettyboys aren't well hung!
by Yellowjacket Jenn October 29, 2004
Having a large intellect
The nerd was rather well hung
by Gingy11111111111 August 12, 2013
the wretched state of both body and mind an individual binge drinker achieves, after said binge drinkining continues in excess of 48 consecutive hours, resulting in a hangover, far more intolerable than a day-after-bachelor-party type of hangover.
Sweet Jesus, I drank enough tequilla to fill the Grand Canyon last night, and I'm so well hung, I would rather listen to William Hung's "She Bangs" on permanent repeat, if ony i could rid myself of this feeling.
by Annastasia Beeverhousen July 02, 2007
apparently a male with big junk, possibly nigger.
me: ew it's not a nigger is it?

emily: nope. white boy. he's well hung though

me: well hung? from like a tree or something?

emily: shutup
by zomgwtfrotfflmfaobbq June 04, 2011
A person from the country of Well Hunglandia, a small sovereign state in Central Europe with a population of 2000. The capital, Gillicksville, is known for its numerous examples of fine Asbestos Nouveau architecture, a style derived from the structural possibilities of this material. Most people are very unwell, gout, syphilis and the clap proliferating. This phenomena has been put down to the jaw-dropping quantities of the sex every capable adult indulges in. The diseases are worn like badges of honour, dignitaries heralded for there complete moral looseness.
They also make nice cheese.
'I am Well Hung, are you Welsh?'
'Yes. boyo. How did you guess?'
'You were attempting to steal my watch and you are virtually unrecognisable as a human being through that thick mat of black hair.'
'I see.'
by AG July 30, 2004
A lesbian with long fingers.
Q: What do you call a lesbian with long fingers?
A: Well hung!

Marg: Hey Pam, have you seen Trish when she takes off her softball glove?
Pam: You bet I have Marg, Trish is really well hung!
by Huffnagel January 08, 2006

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