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A beautiful and talented young women who is capable of singing, dancing, and looking great. Jaclyns are known to be tall, kindhearted, and extremely witty.
A word of French Origin.
Wow, your name is JACLYN? You must be tall, beautiful, and dance like an angel!

Try to be act like a Jaclyn, will you?
by Dorkus123 February 22, 2009
One of the radist chicks you will ever encounter! Mystifying & often phenominal musicians/ artists. This girl always keeps you wondering. When you gain here trust she is a true friend. A free thinker. Constantly flowing with creativity. Sometime misunderstood, but has here reasonings. Jaclins often have quirky, eccentric behaviors that most don't understand. They always stay true to themselve at all costs.
That Jaclyn girl is one of a fucking kind!
by DaggSun February 26, 2010
an amazing person who cares about you, super sexy, beautiful as can be, great kisser, friendly, and deserves the world.
you're jaclyn? ive been looking for you forever.
by 9/22 September 26, 2010
an alien from the planet pluto. she has a wonderful voice and many boys fall for her. she eats mexicans.
casey: yo, im dating jaclyn
by dziobczynski November 06, 2009
An extremely rare bred beautiful curly-haired Puerto Rican girl who loves animals and adventures. Is equipped with drop-dead gorgeous looks as well as a down-to-earth personality. A very ambitious woman who knows what she wants in life. Loves "keepin it real"
Oh man, look at his girl. She is such a Jaclyn
by JDMboi April 11, 2011
Really actually pronounced Jay-slin, which is awesome by the way.
A Jaclyn is like a unicorn and is an elusive beast but when you meet it, it will literally blow your mind. Also, like a unicorn, when you drink her blood you will live forever.
A Jaclyn's cheeks will be delicious and look irresistibly munchy.
If you ever have a chance to eat a Jaclyn's cheeks, you will turn into gold and die from joy.
Did you see that Jaclyn?

What a glorious specimen...I want to eat its cheeks
by Shoop! March 25, 2010
A girl who is often a cheerleader. her name comes from French Descent. Her friends often avoid her because she is very self centered. But other than that she's pretty ok. She is very pretty but others don't see it other than in pictures. The ONLY thing that comes out of her mouth is about herself and she only thinks of herself. She usually has a very big butt, and long hair. She is often short and blonde. She is not very bright.
Oh my gosh dude, Jaclyn is So self centered..
by PhoebeLove November 23, 2011

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