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someone who refuses to pay his or her debts after a bet
I bet him $20 that the Dallas Cowboys would beat the Washington Redskins and when they did the welcher refused to pay
by J. L. Writt December 13, 2007
A very offensive racial slur for a Welsh person. A Welshman will kick your ass if you say it!
Pompous Englishman: Oh dear, get out of my way you dirty welcher!
Proud Welshman: Fuck you, you bloody stucky up english arsehole! (Kicks englishman's ass.)
by Davy Davis October 03, 2005
One who fails to pay on a bet, such as to leave a website for good. Synonyms to Sac of Steel
Sac is a WELCHER for not paying his bet.
by March 11, 2007
A person that backs out of a bet or deal.
sarah- I bet you'll like the movie. If not you can make me watch that show you like for 122 minutes. a time exchange.
Annie- Ok. let's do it!
Sarah- I know you'll love it!!!! it's a deal then.
Annie- Deal!
Sarah yay.
Annie- Actually, I won't watch it. I won't do it!!!
sarah- Welcher....
by Sayyyyruhhhh April 06, 2009
When someone makes a bet and refuses to pay.
Mark bet me $10 that Kevin Bacon was an Army lawyer and not a Marine lawyer. When he saw that he was a Marine lawyer, he didn't pay up. What a welcher
by DATA MCP March 07, 2012
Someone who doesn't pay up on their bets.
I bet Dana 8 burritos that the US would win the America's Cup and he refused to pay. Classic Welcher.
by Bobby Rayburn November 13, 2013
An old alcoholic woman with a tendency to scrounges other people for their food and drinks.
Oh shit, here comes Judy! Everybody hide your food, and cash so the welcher doesn't mooch.
by Doggy Bag November 11, 2011
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