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A road or track bicycle that is set up as a single-speed (as opposed to fixed-gear).

While stuckies are safer and more practical than fixies for most uran riding applications, they carry a significant hipster street-cred penalty.
"Nice stucky, you poser."

"Go fuck yourself, scenester."
by Stucky Life September 18, 2009
19 6
bad ass mother fucker; goes to jail a lot; likes to have butt sex
"That stucky is in jail again!"
"You're such a stucky."
"Girl, you let that guy stucky you last night?"
by Kat Shackelford October 05, 2007
14 13
someone, usually a girl, who is short in height. this results in their torso being long and having short legs.
I'm so stucky, I can never find pants that are the right length for me!
by johnny truant January 07, 2008
2 20