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skin under ur elbow
u ya u bitch let me see ur weinus
by miltonthemoose January 30, 2004
the loose bit of skin on the end of your elbow
"why are you licking my weinus?"
by sarahissocoollike800 September 05, 2012
An organ consisting of both a Weiner and an Anus, usually found on small transvestites or other creatures of the blended-gender society. Coming into contact with such a specimen usually confuses the observer, releasing foul blackish-brown gas from its pores, which in turn leads to pure disgust, blindness, seizures, and finally, spontaneously combusting.
"Hey Joe, what the fuck is that?"

"... I dunno man, looks kinda like a... is that poop... and a penis??"

"Oh man, is that one a those *gulp*... Weinuses?"

"Fuck if I know, let's get the Hell outta here."


"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! JOE! YOU WERE ALWAYS MY BEST FRIEND, EVEN AFTER KATEY AND YOU... I'm sorry that I reacted how I did..."

"No Harry, I owe the apology. I ruined your family's life, your dog's life, and even yours. See you on the other side good friend"

"It was a pleasure..."

by rodland November 10, 2011
Pronunciation: 'wE-nus
Function: noun
Usage: often attributive
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin prickus maximus
1 a : a highly irritable soft white domestic male (Pussus Whoopus) closely related to the common spineless rat (Rodentus Stinkus).
Kevin Dagget Sales Consultant Master is a weinus.
by Bart June 14, 2006
A very small schlong
Ha ha, look at Jim's weinus. Oh no wait... you can't - where the microscope?
by Dan and Beckyo August 11, 2003
A slang for Penis and not the skin on your elbow.
"Haha! You got hit in the weinus!" said Joe to Ted.
by Werewolf91 January 22, 2004
the area between the wiener and the anus
"If I was a girl, I would have a vagina instead of a weinus"
by Jared Johnson June 23, 2003

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