The greatest thing in the known universe.
I wish I had as much power as the almighty weg!
by Weg December 02, 2003
Top Definition
(n). An acronym generally used in internet slang. It stands for "Wicked Evil Grin" or "Wide Evil Grin".
Billy: what r u doing tonite?

Sally: nothing y?

Billy: u want to come over? -weg-
by Zymish May 19, 2007
The word stands for Wicked Evil Grin.

Invented by the almighty Dayliethe Malt--the first known internet group that was a Mafia/Cult. The DM--as they're known--also owns you, but the only important thing to know is that they endorse the phrase.
DM1: What are we going to do tonight?
DM2: ...*weg*
DM1: I'll bring the meathook, you bring the nuets?
DM2: Definately.
by Hawkwrithe April 07, 2004
Well, they're tits aren't they.
Nice wegs.
by Ben April 15, 2003
Term used to describe a usually shitty, impractical, ineficient being or object.
"Man, my keyboard is such a weg"


- "you're such a weg"
- "ouch. ok i get it, youre pissed, i messed up....BUT THERES NO NEED TO BE A BETCH"
by wegan October 08, 2007
Getting nailed on the head by a pair of wet and used swimming trunks
"I'm gunna weg that guy on the head later, he has well pissed me off, grrrr"
by Ahmed Jalilly April 23, 2008
White Leg
I fell down skiing and hurt my Weg.
by Zarzy December 02, 2003
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