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(n). An acronym generally used in internet slang. It stands for "Wicked Evil Grin" or "Wide Evil Grin".
Billy: what r u doing tonite?

Sally: nothing y?

Billy: u want to come over? -weg-
by Zymish May 19, 2007
73 7
The word stands for Wicked Evil Grin.

Invented by the almighty Dayliethe Malt--the first known internet group that was a Mafia/Cult. The DM--as they're known--also owns you, but the only important thing to know is that they endorse the phrase.
DM1: What are we going to do tonight?
DM2: ...*weg*
DM1: I'll bring the meathook, you bring the nuets?
DM2: Definately.
by Hawkwrithe April 07, 2004
32 29
Well, they're tits aren't they.
Nice wegs.
by Ben April 15, 2003
9 11
Term used to describe a usually shitty, impractical, ineficient being or object.
"Man, my keyboard is such a weg"


- "you're such a weg"
- "ouch. ok i get it, youre pissed, i messed up....BUT THERES NO NEED TO BE A BETCH"
by wegan October 08, 2007
7 26
The greatest thing in the known universe.
I wish I had as much power as the almighty weg!
by Weg December 02, 2003
26 45
Getting nailed on the head by a pair of wet and used swimming trunks
"I'm gunna weg that guy on the head later, he has well pissed me off, grrrr"
by Ahmed Jalilly April 23, 2008
5 27
White Leg
I fell down skiing and hurt my Weg.
by Zarzy December 02, 2003
4 46