that weird skin on the end of your elbow
by zch February 22, 2003
a female penis
That girl has a weenus.
by HDR February 03, 2004
its the area between all your fingers and toes.
i have 16 weenus'
by john j August 11, 2003
A word made up by OUR group at school five years ago that means the loose skin on the elbow. The weenus is the only part on the human body that a person can not call rape upon.
Dont touch my weenus
Why you jealous cuz my weenus is bigger than yours?
by Jenn Jim August 23, 2008
1. A combination of wiener and penis , 2. A combination of wiener and anus, 3. A combination of Weezer and penis or anus.
"Last night Courtney Love touched my Weenus."
by Lefty March 03, 2003

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