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Extra skin on the elbow even skinny people have.
my buddy and i are thinking of getting our weenises pierced.
by DroBlowin July 19, 2006
a combination of weiner and penis, it's someone who is not not quite being a dick but acting a little more lame than being a weiner.
Nadine is being such a weenis today, which is no surprise cause she is the original weenis!
by godfather2069 August 26, 2009
well the weenis is something that you hook up to a boat and pile a whole bunch of people on and go its probably the funnest thing in the world...it kind of looks like a giant hot dog
-i get the tip of the weenis!
-lets play some weenis survivor!!!
by rayna May 27, 2004
The band, consisting of two lead vocalists, one trianglest, one ukeleleist, and one drummer.
Wow, Weenis sure makes swell music!
by Alyx June 13, 2004
An unusually small penis.
I know it's a boy because I saw his weenis during the sonogram.
by guibert August 04, 2009
A weenis is not a penis nor is it the skin on your elbow!

It is a detachable part used to have fun!
the only people who really have weenises are ASHLEY ERIN AND JANIS!

Weenis can also be used as a derogaotry term for others who are un-cool.

by YOU KNOW ! October 12, 2008
THE BAND: sings remixes of adle vice and original compositions; some of which include: "Dinner is on the table" a Southern anthem, "Penis here, Penis there": one woman's opinioin of the roll of men's reproductive organs in society, "Down with Bush" the honest song about the defective Republican party, and others . . . check them out.
That cool band Weenis makes some chill jams!
by a fan December 18, 2004
the skin between your fingers
ouch i got a papercut on my weenis!!!
by Josh July 13, 2003