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The caption of a few images used when an individual says something that seems as if they were new to the world wide web.
kid: (in big red font) L00k whut i kan d0!
average human: *HA! HA! I'm using teh internet! image*
by yoshi February 12, 2005
A really talented singer/songwriter who actually puts THOUGHT into her lyrics and actually plays an instrument. Doesn't like being called the Anti-Britney, or being compared to Avril because she's just herself. Really intelligent and really pretty too.
Katy Rose is one of my idols. ^_^
by Yoshi October 01, 2004
Weenis (short for slippy weenis) is the last dildosaur. His homepage can be found at www.slippyweenis.com - His hobbies are: running, smiling and secks.
Mmmkay secks on ur weenis!!1
by yoshi July 29, 2004
A rash or abrasion received on a mans (or womans) tongue, lip, chin, nose, etc... when he/she has given particuarly active oral sex to a girl. Results from continual rubbing on pubic hair, or pubic hair stubble.
guy1: "Dude, what's up with that rash on your lip?"
guy2: "muffburn man-- 2 hours of oral and I got muffburn!"
by yoshi May 05, 2004
some one who is very 1337 at tennis
man, your such a friggen tennis pimp
by YoSHi March 22, 2005
A person that is he biggest smut around ya way.
yo that bitch is smutalicious
by Yoshi August 31, 2004
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